Martin – Presentations

For want of a better title: “Presentations”. This includes conference presentations, most recently Samba/CTDB and Linux related, and academic publications, relating to formal methods for programming.

The CTDB report 2020Martin Schwenke, Amitay IsaacsSambaXP 2020 - online editionJune 2020
The CTDB reportMartin Schwenke, Amitay IsaacsSambaXP 2019, Göttingen, GermanyJune 2019
Improvements in CTDB and Clustered Samba testingMartin SchwenkeSambaXP 2019, Göttingen, GermanyJune 2019
CTDB, you have changed!Martin SchwenkeSambaXP 2018, Göttingen, GermanyJune 2018
CTDB remix – 2nd movement – designing the realityMartin SchwenkeSambaXP 2017, Göttingen, GermanyMay 2017
Untangling and Restructuring CTDBMartin SchwenkeSambaXP 2016, Berlin, GermanyMay 2016
CTDB: Where to from here and how can we get there?Martin SchwenkeSambaXP 2015, Göttingen, GermanyMay 2015
A methodical makeover for CTDBMartin Schwenke, Amitay 2015, Auckland, New ZealandJanuary 2015
Scaling IP address handling in CTDBMartin SchwenkeSambaXP 2014, Göttingen, GermanyMay 2014
The best CTDB bugs ever!Amitay Isaacs, Martin 2014, PerthJanuary 2014 Administering a system for "smart people"Martin Schwenke, Stephen 2013 Systems Administration Miniconf, CanberraJanuary 2013
Testing CTDB - not necessarily trivialMartin Schwenke, Ronnie 2012, BallaratJanuary 2012
Autocluster - a system for automated testing of clustered systemsAndrew Tridgell, Martin 2009, HobartJanuary 2009
Towards a small, efficient Linux hardware inventory systemMartin 2005, CanberraApril 2005
Using Vital Product Data For Persistent Device NamingMartin SchwenkeAUUG 2004 - Who Are You? MelbourneSeptember 2004
Linux hardware inventory: Current reality, future possibilitiesMartin SchwenkeAUUG 2003 - Open Standards, Open Source, Open Computing, SydneySeptember 2003
Abusing the Debian ipmasq packageMartin SchwenkeAUUG System Administration Symposium 2003, MelbourneApril 2003
My computer is bigger than yours!Martin 2003, PerthJanuary 2003
Polythene PAM ain't what she used to be...Martin SchwenkeAUUG 2002 - Measure, Monitor, Control, MelbourneSeptember 2002
International Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific 1998. Proceedings of IRW/FMP'98, 29 September – 2 October 1998, Canberra, AustraliaJim Grundy, Martin Schwenke, Trevor Vickers (editors)Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, Singapore, 1998. ISBN 981-4021-16-4. Springer-VerlagSeptember 1998
The Essence of Expression RefinementMartin Schwenke, Brendan MahonyInternational Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific 1998, pages 324–333September 1998
International Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific 1998. Work-in-progress papers of IRW/FMP'98, 29 September – 2 October 1998, Canberra, AustraliaJim Grundy, Martin Schwenke, Trevor Vickers (editors)Joint Computer Science Technical Report TR-CS-98-09. The Australian National University, Department of Computer Science, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia. September 1998. ISBN 0-7315-4801-9September 1998
I Went Down To The Crossroads: Conjoining CatamorphismsMartin SchwenkeInternational Refinement Workshop and Formal Methods Pacific 1998 (work-in-progress papers, pages 85–96September 1998
To Zed and Back: Integrating Data Flow Diagrams and ZKen Robinson, Peter Ho, Martin SchwenkeFirst Australian Conference on Computer Science Education, ACM, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, July 3–5, 1996. Pages 127-134.July 1996