The CTDB report

WhoMartin Schwenke, Amitay Isaacs
WhereSambaXP 2019, Göttingen, Germany
WhenJune 2019

This is a report on the status of CTDB, similar to that presented at recent SambaXP conferences.

We will review design and associated plans, including those presented at SambaXP 2018 - some of those still aren't in a release. We will discuss how the design as evolved over time and the summarise the current state of the design, including protocol, transport, messaging and use of sockets.

The circumstances of CTDB's lead developers have changed, so there is less time available for development. We will discuss the consequences of these changes, including some musings about competing philosophies for achieving our design and implementation goals.

New requirements appear, so are worthy of mention. This will include the SMB Witness Protocol and some potential database performance optimisations.

We will close by discussing some long term goals for CTDB.

SlidesPDF (242.4 kB)