CTDB, you have changed!

WhoMartin Schwenke
WhereSambaXP 2018, Göttingen, Germany
WhenJune 2018

For the last few years we have been foreshadowing major changes in CTDB. The ideas have gradually solidified, infrastructure has been built and changes were made behind the scenes. However, despite our good intentions and dreams, nothing really changed.

Until now!

Samba 4.9 will include a radically different CTDB. There will be well structured configuration, including a Samba-style ctdb.conf for daemons and related tools. Service management will be split out from the main daemon into a new component. Failover management, including connection tracking, will also be in a separate component. Although there will be separate components, they should make various concepts easier to understand. In some ways there will be a little less magic, with configuration items causing more obvious and direct effects.

Before SambaXP 2018 we will get at least this far, maybe further...

Cluster around the lectern at this presentation to be amazed by the current status and future plans... and to celebrate improvements!

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