The CTDB report 2020

WhoMartin Schwenke, Amitay Isaacs
WhereSambaXP 2020 - online edition
WhenJune 2020

This is a report on the status of CTDB, similar to that presented at recent SambaXP conferences. The report will focus on 2 main areas: progress and plans. What is new upstream in CTDB? What do our plans look like compared to those presented in recent years? There is also the intersection of progress and plans: what useful things are sitting in development branches but are not merged?

Progress includes: Clustered Samba testing is now in Samba's test suite and autobuild, CTDB's inter-node TCP transport is now more resilient (with some pain along the way), database vacuuming has been simplified, the recovery lock has been enhanced, code is generally cleaner (due to csbuild showing issues) and there have been many improvements in testing.

Plans include: splitting CTDB into multiple daemons (as previously presented), a transport using datagram messaging and simple code for new developers to understand and embrace.

SlidesPDF (782.4 kB)