Improvements in CTDB and Clustered Samba testing

WhoMartin Schwenke
WhereSambaXP 2019, Göttingen, Germany
WhenJune 2019

This presentation will provide details of improvements to CTDB's testing infrastructure and to Autocluster.

CTDB's test suite was created in an ad hoc manner to run a limited range of test cases. This included running multiple "local daemons" to allow CTDB's clustering, messaging and database capabilities to be tested. As more test cases appeared, the local daemons functionality was extended in more ad hoc ways, but was still embedded in the "simple" test suite. The "local daemons" support was recently extracted into a standalone script that relies on CTDB's test mode. While this is still used by the "simple" test suite, it can also be used for standalone debugging and could be integrated into Samba's autobuild to test some Clustered Samba capabilities.

Autocluster is a tool for generating virtual clusters for testing Clustered Samba. It has now been rewritten as a small Python script that reads configuration from a YAML file, creates a cluster with Vagrant and configures it with Ansible. As a result it is now about 5.5K lines smaller and much more maintainable.

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