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The old Satis had good food but was pokey and I don’t think they had a kitchen that always allowed them to get food out in a timely manner. After getting some extra space and rennovating, Satis has been reborn as a spacious bar that serves excellent vegetarian food and gets it out quickly.

Mel and I had lunch there last Wednesday and we both chose food from the breakfast menu, which is available until late afternoon. I had the breakfast burrito with a poached egg. It was loaded with lots of stuff including roast veggies, beans and polenta, and then dipped in a deep fryer. It was excellent. Mel had “The Favourite” – hash with chilli fetta and basil oil, and eggs on toast. The hash was a good size and the topping was pretty special. I would definitely eat both of these dishes again.

It is good to be excited about a local vegetarian restaurant. Something has been missing since the heyday of Bernadette’s, and I’m looking forward to getting back to Satis to try a few more things.

Tandoor House

Tandoor House is tucked around the back of the shops in Kingston, on Kennedy Street. I’ve been there quite a few times over the years. Both the food and the service have been hit-and-miss.

Last night Mel, Sebastian and I had dinner there. We had some veggie samosas, saag paneer, aloo gobi, a side of dal tadka, some naan, raita and mango chutney. We agreed to get mild versions of the saag paneer and aloo gobi to avoid overwhelming Sebastian. The saag paneer tasted excellent with lots of fresh spinach but it didn’t contain much paneer. The aloo gobi was pretty ordinary – I think we’ve cooked better at home. The dal was OK but uninspiring. The breads and sides were good.

I’m going to regard this visit to Tandoor House as a miss. Although the service was very friendly, it also took 40 minutes between ordering and having our mains served. That would have been OK if the food was inspiring or even perhaps if the place was busy, but neither of these were true.

Sammy’s Kitchen

Mel and I had lunch at Sammy’s on Wednesday. We had veggie spring rolls, stir fried green pepper and dry bean curd with chilli bean sauce, and sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms. These are probably our favourite Sammy’s dishes. Unfortunately, the spring rolls were less warm in the middle than usual. The sizzling bean curd was fantastic as usual: good sized chunks of bean curd, tasty BBQ-ish sauce and lots of mushrooms. We hadn’t had the stir fried green pepper for a while and this time it came with (mild) chilli peppers instead of capsicum. This made the dish a bit drier than previously and, in my opinion, not as enjoyable.

Even though there were a couple of glitches, compared to their usual high standard, it is hard to go wrong with Sammy’s. The food is always above average. The service is brisk and, if you’re in a hurry, you can always be in and out fairly quickly.

Mehfil Indian Rasoi – Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD

Lunch in Brisbane with my big brother Peter. We got takeaway dinner from here last time we visited and the food was excellent.

Today we both had vegetarian Thali. It had paneer butter masala, channa masala, dhal tadka, raita, pappadam, naan, pickle, rice and a chunk of barfi for dessert. Everything was great and it was the right amount of food. Great value for $17 too.

From my 2 experiences and Peter’s recommendation, Mehfil serves up consistently good Indian food.

Leong Kitchen

This is a small Chinese-Malaysian place at Campbell shops. We eat here semi-regularly and the owner always remembers us.

Mel, Sebastian and I had lunch here on Thursday.  We had veggie spring rolls – 3 were offered instead of the regular serving on 2 – I like that! Mel’s and mine came with a slightly spicy sauce while Sebastian’s came with mellower plum sauce – another nice touch.  For mains we had sizzling bean curd, a veggie mee goreng and a veggie omelet. We originally thought that we had ordered too much food but we ate it all.  All in all, 3 excellent dishes with a nice variety of flavours.

We’ll definitely keep popping into Leong Kitchen.

Koko Black

After lunch today we had space for dessert, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We had walked past Koko Black on the was to lunch and it looked fairly empty so towards the end of lunch we decided we might try Koko Black for some quick dessert.

Mel had a salted caramel délice and I had a raspberry chocolate dome. We both had a Belgian hot chocolate. Mel found the caramel délice to be fantastic, especially since she’s a caramel lover. Likewise for me and my raspberry dome. Both had a bunch of interesting elements and flavours. Certainly no complaints – we’d go back for a repeat performance.

However, the hot chocolates disappointed both of us. Mel thought her’s tasted powdery and not very creamy. I thought mine tasted syrupy – somehow it was thick but didn’t seem creamy. I also thought that it didn’t taste like chocolate. I know that can happen after eating chocolate but I thought I gave this thing plenty of time to taste right. Perhaps there’s something about “fancy” hot chocolates that we don’t understand!

The desserts are great and I want to try some of those (non-hot) chocolates…

Rice Tapas Bar & Restaurant

We’ve been here a few times for dinner and have always found both the food and service to be very good. However, customer turnover has seemed very slow, leaving us wondering how they survive. Today Mel and I discovered that they’re much busier over lunch. That said, the service was still good.

We ordered from the lunch menu: a chilli & basil stir-fry and a Penang curry. Both were tofu & veggie dishes and they came with rice. Although the serving sizes were smaller than the standard servings – the curry was particularly light on content – it was a reasonable amount of food for lunch and nicely priced at under $10 a plate. Both dishes were delicious.

Rice consistently serves some of the better Thai food we’ve had over the years in Canberra and the prices on the lunch menu make it even more appealing.

King Ahiram – West End, QLD

Lunch in Brisbane with Mel & Sebastian, Peter & Lyndall. We ordered 3 deluxe veggie platters (at only $13 each) and some extras.

The platters had decent amounts of very good hummus and baba ghanouj. There was also a couple of falafel, some tabbouleh, a dolmade, a cabbage dolma, rice, eggplant, a spinach pastry and bread. There was heaps of food – each platter should easily feed more than one person – and everything tasted wonderful.

The service was a bit questionable – hard to get some extra spoons to make it easy to share the food – but you can’t expect this quantity and quality of food for the price and still expect to be waited on. The advertised air conditioning also didn’t seem to extend to our part of the dining area on this particularly hot day.

Definitely a place to try to get back to in the future. Perhaps for takeaway?  🙂

Mad Mex

Lunch at the Qantas domestic terminal before a flight with Mel and Sebastian. We decided to try this Mexican fast food place. I had a burrito, which was not among the best I have had. Sebastian had nachitos (i.e. nachos from the kids menu). It had unmelted cheese,  liquid sour cream, prefab nacho cheesy goo and guacamole. Sebastian ate some and then decided that it wasn’t very good. Mel had a quesadilla, which she said was OK.

There are quite a few other places to eat at this terminal…

Abell’s Kopi Tiam

This is probably still my favourite restaurant. Last night Mel, Sebastian and I had the veggie satays, a serve of roti, vegan mee goreng and sayur lemak. As usual, everything was wonderful, although the mee goreng was perhaps a little bit more dry than usual… or something.

A fabulous, informal restauarant, with friendly service and lots of veggie options on the menu. I call it fine dining without table cloths… 🙂