Breizh Café

This café replaced 2602 at Ainslie shops a few months ago.  2602 never really had many veggie options so we thought we would try its replacement.

There isn’t a huge number of vegetarian options on the lunch menu but they’re happy to adapt.  Galettes make up the bulk of the lunch menu.  It turns out that galettes are savoury crepes made with gluten free buckwheat flour.  I decided on a goat’s cheese, roast tomato and rocket galette, while  Mel chose a potato, Raclette cheese, Black Forest ham and onion galette, without the ham.  She was immediately asked whether she would like to replace the ham with something else – this question seems rarely asked these days – so she added some spinach.  We also ordered hot chocolates and were offered the choice of a “spicy” version, and we both thought that was a good idea.

The hot chocolates appeared first and were quite lightly spiced but still nice.  A moment later the chef appeared, commenting that our hot chocolates looked pale and didn’t contain the right mix of spices.  He wondered if we would like 2 more so that we could taste what they were supposed to be like.  We were glad we agreed: with chilli and whatever else was added, these were some of the best hot chocolates we’ve had.

The crepes were very nice.  A nice light lunch with a nice mix of flavours.  The goats cheese was fresh and had a nice amount of goat…  🙂

I definitely need to go back and try some of the sweet crepes.  It is also impressive that the chef keeps a keen eye on quality…