Abell’s Kopi Tiam

As Sebastian’s birthday festival continued today, Mel and I took him to his favourite restaurant for lunch.  Given the hot weather, things were pretty quite and we easily got a table inside.

We had a reasonably standard set of dishes.  We started with the vegan satays.  These come with a fantastic peanut sauce.  Get an order of spring-onion roti and keep the plate from the satays around so you can dip the roti in the rest of the peanut sauce.  Yum!

For mains we had the vegan mee goreng and the quick-fried kueh teow.  With 2 noodle dishes we only needed a small bowl of rice for Sebastian.  The mee goreng was a little spicy – we’ve had it both spicier and plainer.  The kueh teow was nicely caramelised.  Mel had a glass of pinot gris and I decided to try the alcoholic ginger beer – this was an excellent idea and I’ll drink it again.

We intentionally went light on the starters so that we might be able to enjoy some dessert. Mel had the banana fritters, I had the sago pudding and Sebastian had a single scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Mel loves those banana fritters but does have a problem deciding between them and the pancakes.  The sago pudding is my standard dessert here – like most of the desserts, it comes with some very tasty palm syrup.  Sebastian got some help with his ice cream but then he also helped me with my sago pudding.

Abell’s Kopi Tiam dished up some excellent celebratory food today.  It remains one of our favourite restaurants and we hope to continue as regulars…