Siam House – Sydney, NSW

We (Mel, Sebastain, Mel’s parents, me) went to see a show at the Capitol Theatre yesterday so we checked out the nearby restaurants, which were mostly Thai – we can always feed Sebastian at a Thai restaurant.  A couple had virtually no veggie food on the menu.  However, Siam House offered a “vegetarian/tofu” option at the top of their lists of stir fries, curries and noodles so we decided to give it a try.

For starters we had spring rolls (apparently veggie by default, 4 not the 2 listed on their web site) and satay tofu (not 2 skewers but a plate of deep-fried tofu with excellent peanut sauce).  These were unsurprising but very pleasant.  Mel’s parents had some squid and I heard no complaints.

For mains we had a green curry, pad Thai  and 2 stir fries: cashew nut sauce and  satay sauce.  Mel’s parent also had a pork dish.  The green curry was creamy and mellow – very nice.  A green curry with enough bite to nearly take your head off can also be nice, but this wasn’t one of those.  The pad Thai  and stir fries provided a nice range of flavours.  They were all excellently done and came in huge servings.

Siam House does an excellent range of vegetarian food.  There’s nothing surprising or innovative here.  Just good, tasty Thai food.  I’d certainly go back…