Chow’s Pine Garden Chinese Restaurant – Ingleburn, NSW

This is my Mum’s favourite restaurant and is near where she lives. Mel, Sebastian and I had dinner with her here on Friday night. Chinese restaurants can vary with the amount of variety they afford vegetarians but this one is pretty good.

There looks to be a complete absence of veggie starters so we just had mains: salt & pepper tofu, a vegetable chow mein (with tofu) and a vegetable omelette.  Mum had a pork dish, so we won’t mention that again! ;-)  The salt & pepper tofu was nice – not as much chilli as you get in some other places but still nice and tasty.  The chow mein had a good variety of veggies and was very good.  The omelette was nicely cooked with lots of veggies.  All the servings were huge.

I’ve eaten here quite a few times and the food is always good.  It is impressive for a suburban  Chinese restaurant with plastic tablecloths and probably not many vegetarian customers, so I have no problems going back for another meal.