Thai Cornar

We hadn’t been to this strangely named place in Manuka for years.  Today we had lunch there with Mel’s parents, who tend to have a veggie dish and a meat dish.

Our entrée was curry puffs and they were pretty good.  The mains were a red curry, stir fry with cashew nuts, a spicy noodle dish (the name escapes me), stir fry with peanut sauce – and the meat dish was chicken with garlic and pepper.  All the veggie dishes were lovely.  There was a nice variety of flavours, a nice selection of veggies and a decent amount of sliced bean curd in each dish.  I’d recommend all of the dishes we had, provided my descriptions are good enough to help find them on the menu!

Thai Cornar used to be OK but now I think it is very good.  As I was paying I asked the guy who served us if it was his restaurant and he said it was.  He took it over nearly 5 years ago.  He also runs Zen Yai in Civic, which has also provided us with some nice meals.  We’ll definitely go back… but it might be hard to drag Sebastian past Kopi Tiam to get there, since they’re only a few doors apart.  🙂