Sammy’s Kitchen

Mel and I had lunch at Sammy’s on Wednesday. We had veggie spring rolls, stir fried green pepper and dry bean curd with chilli bean sauce, and sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms. These are probably our favourite Sammy’s dishes. Unfortunately, the spring rolls were less warm in the middle than usual. The sizzling bean curd was fantastic as usual: good sized chunks of bean curd, tasty BBQ-ish sauce and lots of mushrooms. We hadn’t had the stir fried green pepper for a while and this time it came with (mild) chilli peppers instead of capsicum. This made the dish a bit drier than previously and, in my opinion, not as enjoyable.

Even though there were a couple of glitches, compared to their usual high standard, it is hard to go wrong with Sammy’s. The food is always above average. The service is brisk and, if you’re in a hurry, you can always be in and out fairly quickly.