King Ahiram – West End, QLD

Lunch in Brisbane with Mel & Sebastian, Peter & Lyndall. We ordered 3 deluxe veggie platters (at only $13 each) and some extras.

The platters had decent amounts of very good hummus and baba ghanouj. There was also a couple of falafel, some tabbouleh, a dolmade, a cabbage dolma, rice, eggplant, a spinach pastry and bread. There was heaps of food – each platter should easily feed more than one person – and everything tasted wonderful.

The service was a bit questionable – hard to get some extra spoons to make it easy to share the food – but you can’t expect this quantity and quality of food for the price and still expect to be waited on. The advertised air conditioning also didn’t seem to extend to our part of the dining area on this particularly hot day.

Definitely a place to try to get back to in the future. Perhaps for takeaway?  🙂