Bollywood Masala (Kingston)

We used to often get takeaway from the original Bollywood Masala in Dickson but it was somewhat inconsistent and the naans always seemed soggy. Perhaps that’s the price you pay for getting takeaway… but we didn’t have the same experience elsewhere. Dining in was always pleasant but the 6pm opening time doesn’t fit well with getting a kid to bed, so we don’t get there often anymore. I’ve had lunch at the Dickson restaurant quite a few times since it opened and have always been impressed.

Today I had lunch with a friend. We started with Bollywood aloo chat – potato fried in some sort of batter, smothered in yoghurt, with tamarind and mint sauces. Heavenly!

For mains we had malai kofta and daal tadka. The kofta had sufficient paneer in them to make them nice and chewy, which I really like. The sauce was rich and tasty. The daal tadka was beautifully spiced and relatively light. The 2 dishes complemented each other nicely. The naans were pretty good… and not soggy at all! The saffron rice was good too.

Very nice food… I’ll keep going back…