Jewel of India (Civic)

Jewel of India in Manuka is regarded as one of Canberra’s Indian restaurants. We’ve been to the Civic restaurant a few times since they opened and the food is very good.

Today Mel and I went for lunch. We were handed the lunch menu and it wasn’t completely clear whether the full menu was available. We both decided on the thali from the lunch menu, which when taken vegetarian comes with the only 2 veggie mains: Aloo Palak and Dal Masala. We asked about alternative dishes but were told that the lunch specials are restricted to just those options. Fair enough! Given that there was only one waiter and the place was far from empty we were a little worried that the service would be very slow but the food came out very quickly.

In addition to the above 2 dishes the thali also came with a pappadam, some raita, a naan and some mango chutney. It was a perfect amount of food. The dal was beautifully spiced with a lingering after-taste – not boring like some dal. The Aloo Palak was fabulous, as was the bread and all of the side dishes. A very good deal for $18 each.

Very good Indian food! We’ll be back… 🙂