Turkish Pide House Woden

Mel had a luncheon to attend, so Sebastian and I decided to have lunch together at the Turkish restaurant near where Mel would be lunching.  Sebastian had a plate of humus with Turkish bread.  I had a small mixed dip plate with humus (no, Sebastian wouldn’t shared his), eggplant  and chilli/walnut.  I also ordered some kabak mücver (deep fried zucchini balls).  The food arrived at the table very quickly.  Surprisingly the kabak weren’t incredibly hot – I suspect that they could not have been deep fried and cooled that much in the available time – but they were still tasty.  We both enjoyed our dips, although my tastes seem to have changed and these days I seem to find the chilli/walnut dip to be too oily, so I didn’t eat it all.  Although service has been a problem here in the past, it was good today and we were even offered extra bread without having to ask.

This isn’t the best Turkish food in Canberra – that would be either Turkish Delight in Belconnen or Turkish Halal Pide House in Yarralumla. However, if I am in Woden and I feel like Turkish food then I’d go back here for a tasty meal (we’ve also had the veggie banquet for 2 recently)… unless the service turns sour again.