Suwannee’s Thai Kitchen Restaurant – Goulburn, NSW

Date: 18 July 2010

We have driven along the main street of Goulburn a couple of times in the past looking for somewhere to eat – this place has never been open, however, this time it was, so we decided to try it. This was a very quick dinner on a Sunday night after a day trip to Sydney. We were the only people in the restaurant although there were quite a few takeaway orders as we ate. We ordered veggie spring rolls, stir fried veggies and tofu with basil and chilli and a veggie panang curry, along with steamed rice. The food was great. The curry was creamy with the right amount of chilli. The basil and chilli dish had a nice bite to it without being overly hot. The spring rolls were good, but the dipping sauce made them – it was thick and spicy and kind of fruity – not really like any other dipping sauce that has come with spring rolls. The food came quickly and the service was friendly! Would we eat here again? Definitely!