Date: 4 October 2009

Well, having said we don’t get to eat out much any more, it is kind of ironic that the first two reviews are from consecutive days!

Cream is a relatively new place in the centre of Canberra and we have checked out their menu a couple of times and decided not to go in as, at the time, the menu had a ‘v’ (which they said meant vegetarian) next to a number of meat dishes! Their menu seems to have been edited and it seems that ‘v’ now means able to be adapted to vegetarian rather than actually vegetarian! We have eaten here twice now – both times for brunch/lunch which basically means we ate breakfast! I have had the blini (done vegetarian of course!) with a chai latte, and the eggs benedict with spinach and a side of kipfler potatoes and mushrooms with a hot chocolate. Both meals were delicious. The blini wasn’t huge, but was fine for me. The eggs benedict was some of the better ones I have had – the eggs were poached beautifully, which for me means the white was not very runny at all! The hot chocolate was divine! It was made with actual melted chocolate in the bottom of lovely hot frothy milk – oh, heaven!! The downside to this place is that it is very, very noisy… Oh well, maybe in summer we can sit outside – but summer might mean it is too warm for a hot chocolate!