Bollywood Dimensions

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that I find it hard to beat Bollywood Masala as my favourite Indian restaurant. Bollywood Dimensions has recently opened in Braddon and we wondered whether they were in any way related – and the answer is they don’t appear to be! Being lovers of Indian food, we thought we should try it and headed there for dinner with friends before seeing a concert. Their vegetarian menu is quite extensive (as it should be, considering it is Indian!) and there were a few things on there that a little different to the standard dishes on an Indian menu, so we thought we would try some of them. For our entree we had ‘Masala Vada’ and ‘Exotic Tandoori Paneer’ – both were excellent. The masala vada were nicely spiced and a little on the hot side which is fine with me! For our mains we had ‘Creamy Butternut Pumpkin’, ‘Majestic Shahi Paneer (Chef’s special)’ and a side of ‘Royal Panch Ratni Dal’ along with rice, raita, garlic naans and lassi. The food was good. The pumpkin dish was nice, but I am constantly disappointed by dishes containing pumpkin – I guess I expect more from them. The paneer dish had a comforting creamy sauce and large chunks of paneer. The dal was simple yet delicious. The naans were crispy and flaky as opposed to being soft and gooey as they so often are. I think we will go back and try some of the more standard dishes so that we can do more of a real comparison. Oh, and just so you know, all the dish names are in quotes as that is how they are listed on the menu. In fact the menu is a great read, however the overly descriptive names of the dishes do start to become a little over the top!