Milk & Honey

We were going to try a new cafe in Civic called Cream, but a quick perusal of the menu indicated that they have very little idea of what a vegetarian dish actually is. Their menu has little ‘v’s on it, indicating vegetarian meals – but they were listed next to lamb and seafood dishes! Anyway, we decided that was a little too dodgy for us! So we ended up here for lunch. It has been ages since we ate here, and despite it being lunch time, we both ended up ordering breakfast! I love restaurant breakfasts – I could eat them all the time (and then I would be really fat!!). I had the eggs benedict with spinach and a side of tomatoes and potatoes. Martin had scrambled eggs with a side of mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes. We also both had fresh juices, Martin had a hot stuff and I had a citrus splice. The food and drinks were great, however, it seemed to take forever for the food to arrive. While it is good, it is probably not my first choice of place to eat in Civic!