Again, lunch with a fairly ‘new’ friend. Well it was kind of a working lunch as we are both members of the same volunteer organisation and we were chatting about the work that it does. My friend told me that the same people who run Mezzalira also run this place, so I had fairly high expectations, although I also assumed it would be cheaper as it is more of a cafe than a restaurant. They had a lot of yummy looking pre-made salads and rolls, but they also had a menu with more substantial meals. I opted for the penne arrabiatta, which, if you read veggie bites regularly, you’ll know is a favourite of mine! My friend had the chicken risotto. The arrabiatta had mushrooms, olives and peppers in it as well as the usual tomato and chilli. It also had quite a bit of black pepper in it. It was delicious! I was wary of the mushrooms – not a common ingredient in arrabiatta, but they didn’t detract from it at all! There was certainly a varied choice on the menu – including pasta and risotto, pizza, asian salads, stir fries and pad thai, as well as things like steak sandwiches and the like. There were quite a few vegetarian meals and it was reasonably priced, I would definitely go back!!