Pulp Kitchen

We have tried to eat here a couple of times, but they have slightly weird opening hours, so we have missed out. But we finally made it. I was trying really hard to judge this place neutrally as it is in the same spot that Bernadette’s (my favourite veggie restaurant) used to occupy. They have a number of veggie options on the menu, but a few of them were really classified as ‘sides’ rather than meals, so that was a little disappointing. I ended up having the baby roast potatoes (a side) and a cherry tomato salad. Martin had a main sized mushrooms with soft semolina and crispy bruscetta. The food was delicious, the potatoes were divine, but I was glad of the salad to make them a little more interesting. The salad was also great, with lots of cherry tomatoes in it! Martin’s food was also really nice, but disappointingly small considering he ordered a main size. We will definitely go back, hopefully they will have a little more (veggie wise) on the menu.