We always eat out on Boxing Day as it is our anniversary, but we also often have a bit of trouble finding a restaurant that is open. After trying a few other places, we decided to eat here, and we were kind of lucky to get a table, as it was pretty full! We ended up outside which was good, because it would have been very noisy inside! In the past I have made complaints about the service here, but this time the service was quite good. The staff were friendly and chatty. We started with a dip platter which came with breads. It was quite nice, but it would have been great if we had been told what the dips actually were – because although we were able to work out most of them ourselves, there was one or two that we were not sure about. For mains, Martin had the veggie risotto and I opted for a pizza (Mediterranean I think). The Bellucci’s menu indicates which dishes are vegetarian, and although my pizza didn’t list any meat on it, it also didn’t have a little ‘v’ symbol, so I double checked when I ordered it. I have to say, it was quite delicious. Martin was also very happy with his risotto. Despite being fairly full, we decided that since we were celebrating, we would have dessert and because it was a little coolish we also decided to have hot chocolate. Martin had the panna cotta for dessert and I had something chocolatey with a toffee sauce (I can’t remember what it was called!). Both were quite nice, but there was no way I could fit all of mine in… Overall, it was quite good, both meal-wise and experience-wise. I am not sure I would become a regular though!