Amajit’s – Campbelltown, NSW

Since we were in Campbelltown for Christmas, my mum suggested that we go here for dinner, and I was really keen because last time we went here, I was really impressed. Sadly though, this time I was incredibly disappointed. I know it was literally just before Christmas, but there was only us and two other tables of people (although they did a fair bit of takeaway while we were there) and the service was very, very poor. And the food was incredibly average. It took ages for the pappadums to arrive and ages to order. We ended up opening our own bottle of wine and had to ask for water twice before we got it. We ordered curry puffs and a weird potato dish (I can’t remember what it was called) for our entree. The curry puffs had peas which I picked out, and the potato dish was cold and had chucks of potato mixed in with a crunchy cereal thing with a sauce. The potato dish was interesting, but I am not sure I would order it again. For our mains we ordered malai kofta, mushrooms malai masala, veggie korma, a chicken dish and we asked if they could do a side dish of dahl – which they initially said they could do, but it turned out that they couldn’t, so we went with a full one. We also had a cucumber yoghurt and a variety of naans. They had run out of kofta and couldn’t do the malai kofta and asked if would we like malai veggies instead. Since we had ordered a korma, we thought that would be too similar, so we asked for palak paneer instead and, I have to say, the waiter looked a little put out by that so we guessed that they had already started to make it! The food was ok. It wasn’t spectacular and it was nowhere near as good as we remembered it. Also, annoyingly they put all of the naans in the same basket, including a meat one in with the other ones – which, considering all but one of our dishes were vegetarian, was, I thought, quite poor judgement! Maybe they were having a bad day. Maybe they were really looking forward to the Christmas break. I don’t know, but I do know that I was pretty disappointed and I wasn’t the only one.