Hoang Hau

I had the day off and was doing some late Christmas shopping (usually I don’t shop in December!), so Martin and I decided to have lunch together. This place used to be in Dickson and we ate there a couple of times a number of years ago, but I had not been here since it moved to Kingston. However, Martin had and he said it was pretty good. It was a hot and fairly humid day, but Martin talked me into a hot pot. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong one, so it wasn’t really what he expected, but it was still pretty good. But, back to the beginning! We started with fresh rice paper rolls which were pretty good! I would think that it would be pretty hard to get these wrong, so I will be very disappointed the day I get a bad one! Along with the Hoang Hau hot pot, we also had crispy spicy bean curd. The bean curd was crisply deep fried and smothered in lots of yummy chilli, garlic, shallots etc – one of my favourite dishes. The hot pot was a mix of veggies and bean curd with a sauce – simple and delicious. Next time I will be sure to order the correct hot pot dish as Martin says it is much better! I guess that means I will be going back!