Priya – Hokitika, New Zealand

This was pretty much our only option for dinner in Hokitika, unless we wanted pizza – which we didn’t! We ordered tandoori mushrooms, Palak Paneer, Veggie Korma and asked for a half size of red lentil dhal, which they couldn’t do, so we went with the whole one. We also had raita and a garlic naan and a plain naan. This place did one of my pet hates and asked us what temperature we would like our dishes and we tried, yet again, to get them the way the chef recommends, but to most restaurant staff that just means medium! The food was pretty good. I wasn’t overly keen on the mushrooms – they were not cooked enough for my liking. But the rest of it was good, but not fantastic – it didn’t stand out as wonderful in any way. Certainly, if you want veggie food in Hokitika, then I would recommend this place!