Adz on Tankard – Hokitika, New Zealand

We looked at a couple of places for lunch before heading back to this one – let me just say this – there are not good options for vegetarians in Hokitika! Now I will probably get a stack of emails saying that there are – but we certainly couldn’t find them! I ordered the Wild Westcoast breakfast (despite the fact that it was lunch time!) without the bacon and sausage – which left hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and toast, the girl who served us was kind enough to ask if I would like extra of something, or if I would like her to make it cheaper – I opted for cheaper – I was amazed as that was the first time anyone had asked me that! Martin ordered the maple hotcake without bacon – his was just the same price! He was a little disappointed because it was smaller than he expected, so he tried to convince me to give him some of my hash browns – at first I decided not a chance (being a potato head and all that), but then I felt sorry for him and gave him some. The food was pretty good, but there were not a lot of vegetarian choices. It is not that I wouldn’t go back here in particular, just that I wouldn’t bother with Hokitika in general (well except for the amazing glass shop!).