Speight’s Landing Bar – Franz Josef, New Zealand

We were really not sure what we could eat here. This was one of three places recommended by the hotel, but I was pretty convinced that we would end up with pizza! This place ended up being pretty good – it really is a bar that does good food! There were a number of veggie things to choose from on the menu and we went for the crumbed camembert with plum sauce to share and then I had the veggie nachos and Martin went with the warm veggie salad. The crumbed camembert was divine – as it should have been – it was deep fried! But the plum sauce was a fantastic touch and complemented it very well. The veggie nachos were huge and pretty good, although the corn chips underneath got pretty soggy! Martin said his warm veggie salad was pretty good, but I thought it tasted a little bland – but it wasn’t something I was in the mood for. We also had a couple of Speight’s beers – how could we not when we were in a Speight’s bar that far away from the actual brewery in Dunedin! All in all a good meal, and if I would definitely recommend it!