Sombreros – Queenstown, New Zealand

We found this place by accident, and when Martin suggested we eat here I jumped at the chance – maybe I was craving Mexican food, maybe I just felt like something different, maybe I was craving a bit of chilli, or maybe it was a mixture of all three! We ordered a small jug of standard margaritas along with the mixed entradas (is that really Mexican for entrée!?!) to start. The entradas consisted of corn chips with three different dips – salsa, guacamole and holy frijoles (bean and cheese). We were asked whether we wanted our salsa mild, medium and hot, and without even thinking about it, we both said hot – same for our mains! The dips were great and the corn chips were really, really good. Martin ordered a bean and a vegetable enchilada, while I had my old favourite – vegetarian fajitas. These meals were huge! And my slight annoyance at the waitress who took away our close to finished entrée saying that we should leave room for our mains disappeared! The food was great – the fajita mix was delicious, but included big chunks of garlic that I tried to avoid! Of course, neither of us managed to completely finish our mains and there was no way that we were going to be able to fit in dessert! I love Mexican food and this place did not disappoint me!