La Toscana – Te Anau, New Zealand

We were having dinner with my Grandad and Uncle, and the choice of restaurants in Te Anau is fairly limited as it is a smallish town. Italian seemed to suit all of us and this place had a pretty good deal – 2 people for $40 and you got garlic bread, two pastas or one large pizza (from a limited selection), dessert and coffee. We chose to have two pastas and Martin ordered the Pasta al Verde while I had the Pasta Piccanti – a tomato based sauce with mushrooms, olives and chilli (I think – it was a while ago now!). The serves were huge and they tasted pretty good. We also ordered a salad, probably because we felt we should eat something healthy as well as having dessert! My Grandad and Uncle shared a pizza and they said it was delicious! For dessert I ordered the cheesecake and Martin had the pecan pie – he claimed it was to compare it to one I make that is a hit with everyone who tries it! Of course, he said it was nowhere near as good as mine, and I was a little disappointed with the cheesecake – it came as a mousse-y type thing and had a funny taste to it. Needless to say, neither of us finished our desserts. Instead of coffee we had hot chocolates, and we were so full we could barely finish them. The two people for $40 was and excellent deal – there was an awful lot of food for $40!