Thai Hanoi – Dunedin, New Zealand

It was late, we were exhausted and starving, and this was the first place we came across that was open, so we decided to eat here. Having said that, I would go back here in a second – the food was fantastic! There were a decent number of veggie options, but nothing too unusual, and nothing that we hadn’t seen before, so we went with things we knew we liked. We ordered chilli and basil veggies, tofu penang curry and pad thai, along with a couple of glasses of New Zealand wine (a Church Road Merlot Cabernet and a Sanctuary Pinot Gris). The dishes were larger than we thought and we were not able to finish the pad thai, which was delicious – perfectly cooked noodles with a delicious sauce and no extra veggies! The chilli and basil veggies had the perfect amount of chilli and the veggies were perfectly cooked. The tofu penang curry was also great with a stack of extra veggie in there as well as tofu. The curry sauce was nicely spiced and smooth, coconutty and creamy. As I said, I would eat here again in a second – so if you are in Dunedin and want good Thai food – then check it out!