Bean Scene – Dunedin, New Zealand

Martin had breakfast once or twice here when he was in town for a conference, so we thought we would check it out. There weren’t a whole lot of veggie options on the menu – but there were things that could be adapted. I ended up ordering the potato cakes and poached eggs with tomato instead of sausage as well as a chai latte. Martin had a bagel, muesli and a banana smoothie. The potato cakes were pretty good, not as good as the ones I had the day before, but certainly good, the poached eggs were cooked well and the whole things was pretty good. Martin said his bagel was average – not much you can do with a toasted bagel! But the muesli was fantastic – it came with lots of fresh fruit on top and heaps of different grains and nuts etc as well as yoghurt and milk. His smoothie was pretty good, but the chai latte was terrible – it is one of the worst I have ever had. I don’t know what they did to it, but the spices had a really harsh, nasty flavour – maybe they managed to burn them with the hot water. I added some sugar and some of the milk that Martin had with his muesli and then it was passable, but certainly nowhere near good! Overall, the food was good – but avoid the chai lattes!