Mulberry – Christchurch, New Zealand

This was our first morning in New Zealand and we were looking for a place that the Lonely Planet Guide recommended that did a good veggie breakfast. When we found it, it was still closed, so we retraced our steps back to this place – and I am glad we did – it was awesome… I had the fried eggs, wholegrain toast, basil and tomato compote with side hash browns and Martin had scrambled eggs with toast and a side of tomatoes and mushrooms. The hash browns were fantastic – not your usual run of the mill, deep fried, out of the freezer type hash brown – but real little potato cakes with onion and herbs in them – yum! Martin commented that everything on his place was hot – you know how sometimes when you have sides that they are not as hot as everything else because they have been cooked at different times – well not this time – everything was piping hot! We both had an orange juice and then Martin decided he wanted a berry smoothie, so I had a hot chocolate. The breakfast here was not the cheapest thing in the world, but it was delicious! We did have a quick look at their dinner menu on the way out and there was very little in the way of veggie options, so my recommendation for vegetarians would be to stick to breakfast!

Note: This has been categorised as “Modern Australian” but clearly isn’t since it is in New Zealand! I use “Modern Australian” to categorise “fancy cafés”. That is, places that offer a variety of different foods in a more formal setting than a café. Although Mulberry’s breakfast is a café experience, their dinner appears to be a little more upmarket.