Café Pronto

Hmmmm, I am not sure how to start this review. Martin and I have walked past this place a couple of times and not gone in, but when a friend asked us if we wanted to have dinner with him, we thought we would try it – as it is something different and in the interests of keeping veggie bites from getting boring, I wanted to try something different. I believe we probably should have kept walking again! We could have walked a very long way for dinner and it would have been quicker than eating here! I should have known when it took them a while before they acknowledged us and directed us to a table (and to be honest, they only just made that cut – I was close to giving up just as they came over!). So we sat down, with our unopened bottle of wine and were given two menu’s between three of us. When someone finally took our order, we ordered some mixed breads, and then I asked about one of the pasta dishes on the menu as it wasn’t clear that it was vegetarian. The waitress simply looked at the description on the menu and read it out to me. I was still uncertain and asked her to clarify that it did not contain bacon (I can’t remember the name of the dish – it was the longest one on the menu and contained sun-dried tomatoes and chilli). She assured me it didn’t, but I was rather worried until it finally arrived. Martin ordered pesto and our friend had risotto – chicken I think. And we had a Greek salad to share. We also had to ask them to open our bottle of wine for us! It took a while for our bread to arrive, so long in fact that I was a little concerned that our mains would arrive before we had finished the bread – but I really didn’t need to worry about that! Since we had been there for so long, we decided that another bottle of wine was a must and our friend ducked off across the street to the bottle shop – he came back with a screw top bottle which was extremely good thinking on his part! Of course, our mains arrived almost as soon as he left! Thank goodness none of us ordered pizza as they took even longer. The table next to us, who ordered before us, received their pizza quite a while after our mains arrived. And we all watched as a number of people came in and ordered take away pizza and got them before the eat-in pizzas arrived. To be fair, we did also notice the poor guy who had been waiting for his take away for almost an hour – you can cook your own pizza (including the base) in that amount of time! But then again, as we were leaving, we noticed a family of three where the parents had finished their pasta and the plates were cleared and their child was still waiting on her pizza. That is quite poor really! Some people had told me that this place was slow – but that is ridiculous! We finished and decided not to bother with dessert, as it was fairly late already! So we got up and our friend went over to pay – this too was a slow process. So slow, in fact, that our friend realised the next day that the waitress had not returned his credit card after he paid – luckily they still had it when he went back! Initially I attributed the slowness to the young appearance of the wait staff – I thought ‘good on them for having a go – they’ll improve over time’. But then I saw the chef and the manager, both of whom were clearly older and realised that it must be bad management on their part and since then I have had a quick look on google and found other people have had very similar experiences. All that being said, the food was ok – not great and certainly not worth the wait. Café Pronto – I don’t think so!