This was a birthday lunch for a friend, and I really like this place – however, they are a little short on vegetarian options, with only one item on the menu. The option this time was gnocchi with mushrooms, gorgonzola and rosemary oil. Not being a fan of gorgonzola, I asked them to substitute it with something else and was offered parmesan – which sounded good to me. A short time later I was told that they didn’t have any parmesan and asked what else would I prefer. I told them that the chef could decide what would go best as long as it wasn’t gorgonzola. When it finally arrived it had small pieces of brie in it which actually went really nicely. I am often concerned when I first see a plate of gnocchi as I always think it is small, but then I remember how filling it is and my concerns disappear! This gnocchi was delicious. It was cooked to perfection and the mushrooms and brie complimented each other perfectly, and the rosemary oil was a fabulous touch. Most of my companions seemed happy with their choices, with only one person being disappointed with what they were eating. After our mains, there were coffees all around, except for me who had hot chocolate. Again, it was on the expensive side, and it wouldn’t be somewhere to go if you are on a bit of a budget, but the food is definitely nice, I just wish there was more than one vegetarian option on the menu!