Flavours of India

This may well become one of my favourite Indian restaurants. We have eaten here once before and was impressed then, just as we were impressed again this time! Although, we ended up with so much food, that we could hardly move ourselves quickly enough to get across to the theatre to see ‘The Tempest’ (which was awesome!). We started with Aloo papdi chaat (spiced potato and spinach fritters tossed with yoghurt and tamarind chutney and spiked with chaat masala) and Paneer amritsari (cheese marinated in ginger and garlic paste and the chef’s secret herbs and spices). The potato dish was amazing – we have had it before and I will have it again! The paneer one was nice, but not quite what I expected. I think I would rather order a paneer main and have a different entree. That being said, we decided that since we had had a paneer entree that we would not have a paneer main, so we had Aloo kaali mirch (potatoes with curry leaves, spices and peppercorns), dal fry and Milaoni sabzi (veggies in a cashew gravy), along with a mixed raita and a couple of garlic naans. Apart from the dal, these are dishes that we have not had before and they were pretty good, although the flavourings were something that we were not quite used to – but it is good to taste new things. The dal and veggies were great, but personally the potatoes were almost a little too peppery for my tastes. We ate as much as we could, but we certainly did not finish everything! This is great food and they have a fantastic selection of veggie dishes, so I think we will head back here again soon!