Turkoise – Campbelltown, NSW

My parents are a bit excited that there is finally a Turkish restaurant near them – it means that don’t have to go all the way across Sydney for Turkish food. Martin disappeared early to finalise arrangements for his gig, so it was just the three of us for lunch. We ordered the Meze plate and the spring rolls and zucchini balls to share as an entree. The Meze plate said it came with three dips, but it also had some feta, a spring roll, a dolmade, some couscous salady stuff and a stuffed gherkin and bread. It was pretty good – the carrot dip was not the best that I have ever had, but the capsicum one and the humous were great. I am definitely not a fan of dolmades and I was also able to leave the stuffed gherkin. The spring rolls and zucchini balls were also pretty good, although the balls were more like fritters. I have to say that I am not sure that I have ever had (or even seen) Turkish spring rolls before, but I can live with that! For our mains we ordered a spinach and cheese pide and a super vegetarian pide. Pides come with a small amount of three different dips and salad. The pides were very hot and quite nice – I definitely preferred the spinach and cheese one to the super vegetarian. Overall, the food was pretty good. Unfortunately for them, I think that Martin and I had the best Turkish food we have had for a very long time a couple of weeks ago (see the review for Turkish Delight), so I had a very high standard for comparison!