We were going to a wine tasting with some friends and we decided that we really should have some dinner before tasting lots of wines! We ended up here, kind of by accident since it was pretty close to where we parked. I have heard various things about this place, but have never really thought to try it before. I am glad we did! We ordered the veggie sang choy bau which was delicious and reminded me that I have a good recipe for this but haven’t made it for ages! For our mains we ordered ma po tofu and steamed veggies in sesame soy sauce. They were both delicious too. I was a little wary of the steamed veggies, as I thought they might be boring, but as it turns out, they were delicious in their simplicity and I almost preferred them to the tofu. The ma po tofu was good, but contained a fair amount of eggplant – not my most favourite thing in the world! I am constantly surprised at how soupy ma po tofu is – I always expect something quite dry and it never is! I guess I should stop being surprised! One of my friends ordered duck laksa which (apart from the duck) looked quite nice! Anyway, the food was good, there was a good veggie range and we would definitely go back and try some more of it!