Cafe Della Piazza

In some theory of the world, this was lunch, however, knowing our friends, we figured out that it was really brunch for them! And most of us ended up ordering breakfast anyway! I couldn’t really go past the potato fritters (which I am pretty sure were billed as ‘crispy’ on the menu, but weren’t when they arrived!) that came with feta, and tomato salsa, I also ordered a side of mushrooms. The fritters were ok, definitely not crispy, the salsa and the feta gave a nice touch and added some quite strong flavours! I was a little disappointed with the side of mushrooms, as there were only 3 of them, and they were not huge! Martin ordered some form of a giant breakfast which had eggs, toast and your choice of 4 sides – he took the veggie ones – feta, tomato, mushrooms and homemade baked beans. I had wanted to taste the baked beans, but didn’t want to order them myself, so of course I tasted Martin’s and they were pretty good! Our friends went for a foccacia and a risotto and I didn’t hear too many complaints. A couple of the others had dessert, but I opted for more hot chocolate, which was pretty good. All in all, a quite nice meal – as usual!