Turkish Delight

We have seen this place numerous times and even checked the menu a few times, but for some reason we never actually went in to eat. This time, we bit the bullet (so to speak) and decided to try it. Let me say this from the start – the food was fantastic – it is probably the best Turkish food I have ever eaten. However, it is a bit on the expensive side, and don’t bother with the house red – it really isn’t that good! There were so many entrees that we wanted to try, so we did as the waitress suggested and went for the mixed entree and ordered a couple of extras as well. We also ordered one pide. In the mixed entree you get two dips – we chose carrot and a walnut and capsicum dip that we had never heard of before and they were fantastic! The walnut one was spicy and had a fabulous flavour that was totally unexpected. The carrot one was also better than others that we have had before. Also on the mixed entree we got the green bean and tomato dish (one of my favourites), potato salad, borek (feta and spinach pastry rolls) and zucchini balls. I must say that all of this food was amazing – the zucchini balls were obviously fresh – the were crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. The potato salad was divine and the green beans were delicious! All in all, we were already impressed! We also ordered stuffed mushrooms and potato patties as our extra entrees and these were also great. The potato patties could have used a yoghurty type dressing, but they were delicious anyway. And just when I thought I was almost full, the pide arrived. It was a Mantarli (mushrooms, olives etc) – one we have had many times previously at other Turkish places, but there was a couple of differences. This one was ‘open’ which means it was more like a ‘normal’ pizza and it also had egg in it, so it made it kind of pie-like as well. It was fantastic. I would love to go back and try more of their pides, as well as getting into that walnut dip again!