This place used to be called Diversity, and I can still remember the excellent pizzas that we had here, so I was keen to head back and try it again. They still do pizzas but I have to say the whole experience was a a little disappointing! We ordered a gourmet veg pizza and a pumpkin and feta salad. The food arrived and we were so busy shuffling things around on the table so it could go in the middle that the waitress didn’t tell us what she had just brought out. We assumed that there was an awful lot of eggplant on the pizza and started eating. However, I soon decided that it was all a little too meaty for it to be eggplant and we asked a waiter what sort of pizza it was. It turned out to be duck, and when we said that we had ordered a gourmet veg pizza, the waiter told us that duck was quite nice – as if trying to convince us to stick with the pizza we had. I pointed out that we were vegetarian and we really would prefer the pizza that we ordered and he took it away and consulted the kitchen. It turns out that the wrong order was put into the computer, so they had to make us a fresh gourmet veg pizza. To their credit they did this quite quickly and we were told that the duck pizza would be removed from our bill (I should think so! :-). I wasn’t overly impressed by the gourmet veg pizza – there certainly wasn’t much that was gourmet about it! But it was ok and it was better than duck! We ended up receiving a discount on our whole bill for the inconvenience of it all, which was a nice gesture, although given the whole experience I am not sure that I would bother again!