It had been a long time since Martin and I had gone out for breakfast, so we decided that the long weekend would be the perfect time, before we did the grocery shopping. Gotta keep your strength up for that! We wandered around looking for somewhere, and finally decided on this place. They had a few veggie choices, but hey, breakfast is pretty easy to adapt, right? I ordered the (something) omelette and a side of hash browns and a hot chocolate. Martin had the pancakes with caramelised bananas, muesli and apple juice. The food was pretty good – the pancakes with the caramelised bananas were divine (yep, I got to taste them!), and my omelette was full of chunks of potato, capsicum and onion – yum! The hot chocolate was so good that I ordered another, however, it took so long to come, that we finally cancelled it because we had finished everything else and were keen to get the grocery shopping out of the way!