MK Tea House

If you are a regular veggie bites reader, then you will know that while I like the concept of Vietnamese food, I am yet to find a Vietnamese restaurant that really thrills me. I am not sure that this place thrilled me, but the food was good and cheap! I am pretty sure that Martin and I ate here a few times a few years ago, but I can’t remember whether we had a bad experience, or whether we just forgot that they existed! Anyway, some of my work colleagues really like this place, so we went here for a work lunch. We all had a veggie spring roll – they are much bigger than your standard spring roll – about 3 times the size actually, and they were really hot (temperature, not chilli). But they were really good! They came with a choice of sweet chilli sauce or hot chilli sauce – of course – being a chilli head, I preferred the later! I ordered the lemongrass and chilli veggies with tofu, while my colleagues ordered meat dishes. The meals were huge, and really quite yummy! I managed to eat most of mine by myself, while three mains were enough for the four others to share! In fact I thought mine was so good that I decided to grab a take away menu on the way out, however, it is a little disappointing as the dish I ordered doesn’t appear on it (in fact I am sure that quite a few dishes that were on the eat in menu do not appear on the take away menu!). Well, maybe I will head back there one day and try a few other veggie dishes and write them onto the take away menu myself!