La Capanna

This was a geek dinner and there were eight of us unexpectedly descending on this restaurant. They were able to accommodate us fairly easily (being a Thursday), however, a few little things went wrong with the experience! One person didn’t receive their drink and Martin received the incorrect meal. They were very apologetic and made him the correct one, but also commented that they sound very similar – although, one had artichokes in it and the other didn’t and I clearly heard Martin say artichokes when he ordered. Anyway, the food was pretty good. As I have mentioned previously, my favourite pasta from here has disappeared from the menu, so I am usually at a loss as to what to order. I am not a huge fan of their pizzas, and am also not so keen on the bruschetta either. So I decided to order the rigatoni matriciana without the bacon. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t actually happen that way, but it did and it was great – nice and spicy, but not too hot. My only complaint might be that it was a little on the small side. We also ordered garlic bread which is always yummy! Overall, not bad, but I think there are better Italian places around!