I have yet to find a really good Vietnamese restaurant that I really like – maybe I am just not a huge fan of Vietnamese food – I always find it just a little disappointing – maybe I expect too much! We haven’t eaten here for a number of years, so when we had to head over that way, we decided to try some take away. We ordered spring rolls, red cooked bean curd, sate veggies and bean curd, and stir fried noodles with veggies and bean curd. The spring rolls were great, the red cooked bean curd was ok, but didn’t have a huge amount of flavour, and the noodles were very bland (especially so with boiled rice the next day for lunch – or so Martin said!). I think the highlight of the meal was the sate. I have yet to find a Vietnamese sate that I really like, but this one was great. I’m not sure that it is enough to entice me back though! There are other things I would like to eat!!