Three Mothers Thai

We always go out for dinner on Boxing Day, since it is our anniversary! We weren’t exactly in the mood for Thai food, but it seemed that a lot of other places were closed. As it turned out, the food was great, so we were definitely not disappointed! We had the Tawho Tod for entree and then vegetarian mussamun curry, stir fried bean curd with cashew nuts, and the vermicelli, shallots, egg and coriander. When we ate meat, mussamun curries used to be my favourite Thai dish – but I think it was actually more to do with the potato than the beef! So, it is always nice to see a veggie version – though they do vary greatly – some are far too meaty, but this one isn’t! The stir fried tofu with cashew nuts was also great – a little spicy – just the way I like it! The vermicelli dish was something we had never tried before, and it was different, but I don’t think it was something that I would order again – there were a lot of bean shoots in it, although they weren’t listed on the menu… Oh well, it is good to try new things!