Thai Ammarin

Well, I said that I wanted to try more food from this restaurant so, after a really hard day in the garden, I was leafing through the take away menus trying to find something that I felt like eating and that did home delivery and I came across their menu. And guess what – they deliver – well to some areas which luckily includes mine! We had spring rolls, a green veggie curry, the mixed veggies with garlic, chilli and basil and the spicy noodles. I actually ordered the tofu with garlic, chilli and basil, but wasn’t too disappointed with the veggies. The green curry was great – nice and spicy, but it did however contain peas (which I picked out!). The veggies were also good, and also quite spicy. In comparison to the two previous dishes – the spicy noodles were actually quite mild! Although it could be that our palates were already over-spiced and couldn’t cope with any more! Considering how good this food is – and it seems to be very consistent too, along with the fact that they deliver – this may well become the new favourite Thai restaurant!!