This was a Christmas lunch, so we ordered from their special Christmas lunch menu – which sounded really good, and was very reasonably priced – $21 for entree and main, with a free drink. Dessert was an extra $8 if you wanted it. While the menu sounded really good, it was a little disappointing that there wasn’t a whole lot of veggie choices, the salads and pasta of the day all contained meat. For my entree I had zucchini dumplings which came with feta and leek wrapped in filo pastry and a roasted tomato mayonnaise. I have to say – this was pretty good. Although, in comparison to the zucchini dumplings you get at Turkish places, these ones were quite small. For my main I ordered the roasted field mushroom, marinated bocconcini and roasted vegetable strudel – which was pretty good too, although I have to admit I am not a fan of veggies stuffed into filo pastry. My main meal was a reasonable size, however, some of the meat ones were quite small, and there was a lot of rocket in all the dishes which I think constituted ‘salad’. I ended up ordering dessert and opted for the liqueur dark chocolate mousse with almond pastry mille feuille. Thank goodness I have been watching some cooking shows recently and knew what a mille feuille was! The dessert was great – the highlight of the meal I think! Although, the point with these Christmas lunches is not really the food – it is the fun and good times that go with it!