Thai Chiang Rai

I think I was a little disappointed by the food from here this time – it didn’t seem up to its usual standard. However, I was sick with the flu so, it is possible that I was not up to my usual standard! We had curry puffs (picking out the peas!), a red veggie curry, tofu with chilli and cashew nuts, and pad thai. The tofu with chilli and cashew nuts was the stand out dish this time. I am not a huge fan of their pad thai – they put a lot of extra veggies etc in it, whereas I prefer my pad thai to be mainly noodles and a lot of taste! I was also a little freaked out, because some of the egg in the pad thai looked a lot like bits of chicken – it was definitely egg though, I spent a bit of time double checking! In fact, it is possible that I might admire someone who can cook egg and make it look like chicken – that is quite a feat! As I said, it wasn’t bad, but I am still looking for a new favourite Thai restaurant!