Lizboa Café & Bar

We were Christmas shopping and required sustenance before actually wandering around the shops and dealing with the other shoppers! We also couldn’t face the madness of the food court. We have eaten here once before and it is ok – better than food court food, but also more expensive. This time I had the vegetarian pizza and Martin had the vegetarian focaccia, we both ordered a citrus splice drink. I have to say the pizza was pretty good – I was actually impressed, although the only down side was that it could have had a little more topping. It came with tomato, eggplant, feta and topped with pesto. I was glad that the eggplant strips were small, but I was disappointed that there was only a little bit of feta! Martin didn’t complain about his focaccia, so it must have been ok. The drinks were also great! I could have drank 2 or 3 of them, but they were about $7 each, so I don’t think I will!